Fun Is…

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This morning I get to have another tooth pulled.  It will be my fifth and note, I am not replacing them.  Apparently, we all should come to this life with 30 teeth.  I figure you only need four molars appropriately situated in order to eat and I will end up with three of them and today.

Novocain does not work with me.  I still have my port in so UConn nurses can take blood each month to track my cancer marker – CA 125.  The oral surgeon is not allowed to use my port and the veins in my arm don’t cooperate much anymore, so this morning’s tooth extraction will be tricky as I need to be sedated for the procedure.  Luckily, we have done this before and we have a plan.

I use Lidocaine to numb the skin over my port so I took a bath in it this morning.  The doctor will be able to poke my arm several times with little discomfort to me.  Before he does this, though, his trick is to provide me with as much laughing gas as I can stand so I don’t really care what he does.

My friend Nancy is my driver, as Jeff (husband) is coordinating a move of mom’s furniture in Avon to Habitat for Humanity.  Lots going on.  The flooring guys just showed up at my house to refinish a bedroom floor.  The fumes from that this afternoon should keep me in la la land for awhile as well.

I should be able to slide down some apple sauce and yogurt later today and hope to play golf tomorrow sometime.   Wish me luck!

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