Breaking Teeth = Having Fun

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You know you are having a good time when you break teeth on vacation.  I came out to Montana on December 13th with a temporary crown and my usual fillings.   I left Marge home (my partial denture) cuz she doesn’t quite work right with the temp crown.  We attended my son’s college graduation, watched him hack off his 18 inches of long hair, went snowmobiling for the first time ever, and caught 3 brook trout ice fishing one day.

After crashing the snowmobile a couple of times, I thanked myself for bringing out my heating pad.  Between Jeff and I, he can’t laugh or sneeze without holding his chest (we think he bruised a rib or two when he crashed), and I can’t lift my right arm or sleep on it.  My arm was injured before I came out here and holding your arm out and pressing a throttle for 5 hours straight did it in.  But I left beautiful Big Sky mountain that day with all my fillings and my crown in tact.

Sometime between Sunday and Christmas, I lost a filling and broke my temporary crown.  The good news is, nothing hurts mouth wise so that makes it a good day!

My new look below will help protect my teeth in the future.


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