Meet Marge

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my teeth 1My dental issues continue to plague me.  This past summer I fractured a molar, one of the few I had left, and had to have it pulled under anesthesia leaving me with no molar to molar contact.  This makes eating anything difficult at best.  So my dentist recommended a partial denture be made.  He explained that this would take a few months of elapsed time due to the number of impressions, fittings and adjustments that need to be made. ” I do some of my best impressions in the dentist office”, I told him.

As you can see, I kept my first impression which I think is hysterical. Thankfully I still have all of my front teeth although maybe not for long.  I am thinking that the treatments I had for my cancer may have weakened my teeth and other bones in my body (ex: double hip replacement 2 years ago).  No one will confirm that so I will go with my gut and say, chemo did my teeth in.

Well I now am the proud owner of “Marge” my new partial denture.  At least that’s what I named it…Marge.  I am still getting used to Marge.  She is only allowed in my mouth for about 6 hours a day as she is a bit uncomfortable in her fit but everyone says it takes time to get used to her.

Two weeks ago, I fractured yet another tooth.  Marge was not with me at the time.  Maybe my fault.  Anyway, I now have to have a root canal under anesthesia (Novocain does not work on me) and then hopefully a crown.  If the attempt at a root canal fails, I will need to have that tooth pulled as well.  Root canal is scheduled for the morning after Thanksgiving Day so we are staying in CT for the holiday.  Crown is scheduled for Dec. 3rd if all goes well.  I am supposed to bring Marge to the crown appointment so she participate in the next impression.  Pretty sure I’m going to do Ellen Degeneres!


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