Port Authority

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I am sad to say that I missed my port this week.  No, I’m not talking about red wine, I am talking about the port I had in my chest to administer chemo and take blood.  I had it removed, albeit difficult, last June to come to Florida “Port Authority free”, but needed it yesterday.   I have been getting my monthly blood test (CA-125) taken at Quest Labs here for a year out of a vein in my right arm without issue.  Yesterday I needed to have some dental work done and if any of you know me, Novocain doesn’t work on me well so I usually have dental work under anesthesia.  I forgot that Quest Labs uses a small butterfly needle, but anesthesia would be administered using an IV needle, which to me is the size of a small state like Rhode Island.

After 2 different spots and some pushing and prodding, my new dentist was able to find a vein and quickly put me out of my misery.  I must admit today, a day after the procedure, that not only was the dental procedure painless (at least after the needle stuff) but there was no sign of bruising on either site she stuck me.  Thank goodness I picked a good dentist!  More dental work to be done in January.  Will work on getting those veins ready!






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