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I love my dentist but I absolutely hate what he has to do.  I am a wimp when it comes to tooth pain.  I have always had sensitive teeth and as a result I need to be sedated for root canals, crowns and deep drilling.  Last night I was out with a friend and bit down on a piece of soft bread, yup you heard me, soft bread.  I heard a crunch and the nerve pain shot me through the roof.  Needless to say when dinner arrived, I had to pass.  I wasn’t even able to finish my glass of Pinot Grigio, so you know it was bad.

We left, stopped at my house where I downed 3 Advils and proceeded with hope to our destination of a book talk in West Hartford.  On our way home for the night, we stopped and got Tylenol PM and Anbesol to get me through the night.  There wasn’t anything visibly missing or wrong, like a filling or a cracked tooth, but that nerve pain was constant throughout the night.

I just left a message for my dentist to call me so I can have him look, but DON’T TOUCH, to see what happened.  I am able to drink lukewarm water and had a soft boiled egg which I let slither down my throat for nourishment.  Now the problem you see is that novocaine doesn’t work on me.  I have hired a dental anesthesiologist for all of my procedures and I believe my dentist will give me two options.

Option 1 will be a root canal followed by a crown (two appointments, two bills for the anesthesiologist) roughly about $4000 and

Option 2 which I have used 4 times before, pull the darn thing out including the nerve/root and leave it be (one appointment with a guy that can put me out in the chair after a few doses of Diazepam which calms me down enough to access a vain in my arm)

At this rate, I will be missing more teeth than I have removed body parts.  The plus side is that I might lose some weight as I won’t be able to chew much without molars!

Wish me luck.


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